Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Roguelike Review Series Wrap Up

The end of the month means the end of my roguelike review series. I will review another series of roguelikes later in the year. I did miss a notable few including Slash 'EM, Elona and Diablo. With the release of Diablo 3, I probably should've ended the series with a Diablo review, but the Diablo series shifts away from the roguelike genre and is more action/RPG/isometric/etc.

Overdosing on a particular genre is not healthy for a gamer, I'm looking at you MMO players. A change of pace will keep me fresh for another roguelike series later in the year. Also, due to the complexities of some roguelikes, review times can be slow and it's sometimes hard to give justice to the game's content. Hopefully, this month's series of reviews can offer a taste before people decide to invest their time playing a game.

A quick reminder, the games reviewed this month are free to download and play, but their continual development is dependent on fan donations. Most free roguelikes have a donate button on their website. If you have a few spare dollars, and like their game, donate and keep the developers working.

I will return to reviewing games I happen to be playing, currently they're: Ace of Spades, Crusader Kings 2 and Diablo 3. Be sure to follow me on Twitter or Facebook for new updates.

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