Saturday, 12 May 2012

Roguelike Review: Rogue Survivor

Have you ever wondered how you would fare during a zombie apocalypse? Rogue Survivor simulates life and death in the big city during a nasty zombie outbreak. Day-to-day survival and investigation of the city's points of interest are the players main objectives. Resource management and good decision making should make your stay in z-town less than lethal. Playing as a zombie is also included in Rogue Survivor, but this review will only cover standard survivor gameplay.

Character creation allows you to choose gender and one special skill. Your character is randomly generated and spawned inside the newly infected city. In the beginning zombies have just started their rampage and police will start shooting at these, seemingly, pale cannibalistic murderers. Things will go downhill fast. Head to nearby shops for food and weapons, beware the undead, and look for a good place to hide for the first night. Scavenging and reinforcing defenses are now your only chance for survival. Moving through the night is suicidal, it's better to sleep and heal for the next day's trials.

As the days and nights roll by, your survival skills will develop. Shooting, carpentry, light-eating and leadership are some of the abilities you'll need to survive. Shooting skills enhance damage and accuracy, carpentry allows you to build stronger fortifications with less materials, light-eating lets you eat smaller and infrequent meals and leadership allows you to recruit other survivors as buddies. Recruiting other survivors allows you to bring more firepower to a confrontation and helps with keeping your sanity in check; keep in mind that your buddies need food and supplies too.

Zombies aren't the deadliest threat in the city. Roving city gangs, bikies and starving survivors will not let you pass in peace with valuable food. You can outrun a zombie, but can you outrun bullets? Rogue Survivor simulates different events such as: waves of new survivors and zombies entering the city, national guard and black ops deployment, army supply drops and much more. Knowing how to exploit each event will help you survive. Helping people is okay, but leaving that zombie to its man-meal may leave you with some extra supplies. If you start murdering civilians you better watch out, law enforcement have orders to kill on sight.

Located around the city are the offices of the enigmatic C.H.A.R corporation, a large hospital and city police station. Investigation of these locations develop the storyline and yield much needed survival supplies. Rogue Survivor is still in alpha development and the final storyline is left open for the player to interpret. Game achievements are unlocked for location discovery, special enemy kills and days survived.

You died? In the zombie apocalypse this is not uncommon. The game does not have to end with your death, a pleasant surprise from a roguelike. Rogue Survivor allows you to be reanimated as an undead or take over the role of another survivor.  Zombies have their own skill sets and evolution stages completely different from the living. The survivors who stole all your food can now become a tasty treat instead.

Rogue Survivor is fun. Shooting zombies with crossbows, rifles or revolvers can be very satisfying. Starving, going insane or being killed by gang members is less satisfying, but still fun. If you like zombies and you like roguelikes than Rogue Survivor is a match made in heaven. Rogue Survivor also offers a solid save system that allows you to load and save anywhere. I can't wait for the full final release.

Rogue Survivor is free and can be found here.



  1. Thanks for the review and glad you like the game!

  2. Thank you Roguedjack. Without you I wouldn't have had a game to play and review. I would have given RS 10/10 if the story was fully tied up.