Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Review: Terraria


Terraria is an indie, 2D, side scrolling, block world adventure game. You create a custom character and randomize the world you want to play in. Terraria has well developed multiplayer support with PvP and co-op play. The gameplay is a mixture of survival, exploration and boss fighting. The world can be quite large and is divided into biomes, depth layers, night and day; each biome and depth layer has unique monsters and resources for the player to encounter.

Movement is in four directions left, right, up and down. Learning to move, dodge and fight enemies will be your introduction into the world. Quickly building a safe house using available materials, like wood and dirt, will allow you to survive your first hostile night. After settling down in your new environment, and outfitting yourself, the game shifts into exploration. Eventually, after exploring the world over, boss monsters become the final hurdle in clearing the world.

Playing with friends is highly recommended as more hands make light work. Mining, building, resource gathering, base defense, monster battles and even exploration is easier with a couple of bros at your side. Some players join games to tear down buildings or steal your possessions, keep an eye on new players.

Boss battles are varied and fun to fight; bosses are summoned into the world, allowing players to prepare. Giant eyes, segmented worms, massive skeletons and more want to smash you into pieces. My tip is to keep moving and keep the DPS up. If you are having trouble with bosses you may need to upgrade your armor or find/create new weapons.

Terraria is a fun game with lots to do and hours of assured gameplay. Gaming with friends is always more enjoyable and creating huge constructions is quite normal. see here. Terraria is available on steam for the low cost of $10 .



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