Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Review: Osmos

Created by a small team from Canada, Hemisphere Games' Osmos is a physics based puzzle game. Steam would have you believe that this title is casual, but I can tell you from experience the last levels are hell. read here.

You take control of your "mote", which has the ability to eject mass for propulsion, and, using the mouse, steer its path through space. Your mote will need to absorb other smaller matter to survive; the mote also has the added risk of being absorbed by larger objects. Management of mass, speed, orbit and direction must all be attended to. Levels can be won by becoming the largest on screen or by absobing an actively hostile mote. Game mode changes between straight absorption to, much harder, control of multiple orbits and survival of the fittest.

Osmos' music is first class and will relax your mind during the easier levels. I'm sure people listen to the relaxing music even outside of the game, it's that good. The game is a nice change of pace from hectic FPS, action or RPG games. Fun for all ages, it is easily played and genuinely rewarding to see yourself grow.

As stated above, later stages of Osmos are not so casual. There is challenge here for the more hardcore gamer and lovers of physics puzzles. I'm not a physics buff, but even I know that Sir Isaac Newton would be proud of this game. Osmos is available on steam, smartphones and has been released with the humble indie bundle.

"Become the Biggest"


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