Monday, 16 April 2012

Review: Fallout

Released in the 90s fallout is an epic post-apocalyptic RPG experience. Developed and published by Interplay it is the first of a series of fallout games; some great, some not so great. Recently was giving free downloads of fallout, so there is no better time to review it. Fallout is known for its humor, story and classic RPG gameplay. Wasteland was the precursor game to fallout.

You are the chosen one; a survivor of a nuclear apocalypse. Life in the vault, a nuclear bunker, has been untroubled until now. The machine that controls fresh water recycling has broken down and you are sent into the radiated wasteland to retrieve a water chip and save the vault dwellers. Will you find the water chip or find your death?

Character creation is quite interesting. You have seven main attributes, two traits and and many skills covering different weapons and non-combat abilities. It is this screen that determines if you will be a gunslinger, diplomat, scientist, doctor, engineer, thief or combination. As with most RPGs generalization and spreading stats will make the game harder. I chose a sneaky knife wielding scientist.

The gameplay is top down isometric with an overhead travel map. Battles are turn based using AP(Action Points) which are derived from your agility stat. The player's party and enemies take turns until one side is dead or has fled the scene. Most fights are a mixture of melee and ranged weapons with the added ability of targeting shots. A shot to the eye or groin is really irritating and the enemy will usually curse you for it. Hitting someone in the groin with a crowbar is very satisfying.

Making your way through the game you will find people to join your party; this is highly recommended because traveling the waste can be harsh. You will have conversations with many people during your travels and responses may differ depending on your intelligence, charisma or skill set. If all else fails fallout allows you to go guns blazing and ask questions later. You can also role-play as an evil or selfish character who cheats and steals.

Leveling you character gives more HP, skill points and, at every four levels, a perk. Perks range from awesome to useless, so read carefully and maybe read a perk guide. Most perks have prerequisite skills and stats which both must be met before perk selection.

The replay value of this game is outstanding. The way people react, the way you approach different situations means you probably won't play the same game twice. Good, evil and everything in between are represented in this game and you will usually have to walk the line to succeed.

Fallout was released in the late nineties and a lot of gamers feel this time was the golden age of PC games. Fallout and its sequels are beloved by its fans, lots of them reside at NMA. If you haven't played it yet you probably should.


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