Monday, 16 April 2012

About Me

NAME: Stuart Webber
JOB: Website Admin, Application Developer

LIKES: Games,, Programming, Reading, 4chan's /v/ board, Girls and Partying.
DISLIKES: Work, Hassles, Politicians, Forced memes, Casuals


I created this blog to review games; games I play currently, have played in the past and will play in the future. I've been playing since the late 80s, mostly on PCs, so, yes, I have lived through the glory days of PC gaming. I have owned a few consoles here and there over the years, and I currently own a PS3 console. I'm a hardcore gamer, to the ire of my friends and family; and yes I know how dumb it is to describe yourself as any type of gamer.

Baldur's Gate 2 - The tour de force of RPGs coming out of the mid to late 90s. A masterpiece of gaming that has joyfully claimed many hours of my life.

Red Alert 2 - My favorite RTS. Total Annihilation would probably be the best RTS ever made, but I love Yuri and all his clones. Hellmarch.mp3

Katamari Damacy - specifically We Love Katamari, it is the gaming equivalent of the feeling you get from playing golf. It mellows you out, feels simplistic, but you can play for ages. The music is amazing.

Stalker Series - maybe not clear sky. SoC and CoP are awesome games. Play with bros, bring your AK, drink vodka, and head into the Chernobyl NPP.

XCOM Series + Jagged Alliance Series - TBS games. I don't want to choose between them, both are amazing. Standouts X-COM:UFO DEFENSE/ENEMY UNKNOWN and Jagged Alliance 2 with the 1.13 mod.

I could rattle off more like Wing Commander, Double Dragon, Zork, Xwing vs tie fighter, Mechwarrior 2:Mercenaries, Fallout series, Total War series and Paradox Interactive games. There are so many good games out there, you should go play them.

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